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Expand your business on the world’s largest marketplace with our team of experts on the platform.

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We specialise in the complete management of your Amazon presence in Italy, Europe and worldwide. We offer services to protect your brand and maximise your performance.

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Amazon Partner & Expert

With 10 years of experience in the industry, Bettershop supports companies in growing their business on Amazon by developing customised strategies for complete management, in Seller or Vendor mode.

Our Amazon services

Analysis and Audit
We conduct market analysis by examining trends, keywords, product volumes, and other specific insights to define tailored goals and strategies for your brand. Additionally, we perform an audit of your channel to suggest an action plan for optimizing performance.
Strategy and Account Management
We optimize and maximize your performance on Amazon across different sales modes (Seller or Vendor). We offer comprehensive channel management to provide support throughout every step of the operations and guide you through the strategy.
Listing and branding
We review your catalog with an Amazon SEO perspective, selecting strategic keywords to enhance its visibility. We support brands in creating Images, Enriched Content, and Amazon Minisites for consistent and distinctive communication.
Advertising and promo
We develop Full Funnel Amazon Advertising strategies to increase conversions, brand awareness, and gain more market share within Amazon. This includes indexing products on the first search pages and positioning them to the appropriate target audience.
Data Driven Strategies
Through our Bettershop Analytics software, we can define targeted strategies by analyzing various key performance aspects. From data analysis, we are able to optimize your activities on Amazon to improve results, maximizing your success on the platform.
Bettershop Analytics
Bettershop Analytics

Our in-house software

Bettershop Analytics is our in-house developed platform that provides our partners with a 360° strategic view of their data. It enables data-driven decision-making through customized dashboards.